Why Facebook?

Nowadays, the usage of Facebook as a marketing tool became very popular. Annually, almost 2 billion people actively use Facebook social network. This is the most comfortable place to interact, share photos and videos, have fun, and follow your favorite companies or celebrity stars. Facebook provides its users with comfort, cool interface, and simplicity. The chances to reach your potential customers through this platform are quite high.
Decide who is going to be your target audience – Before creating a Facebook page and promoting it, figure out who is going to be your audience. Understand who will be more interested in your page and then create an appropriate and interesting content for visitors. Thus, they will become driven to visit your page one more time.
Develop an interesting call-to-action – Call-to-action or CTA is a content which aims to persuade the visitor to do a certain task (e.g, sign up for newsletter). You may probably noticed pages that offer you free subscription/trial, but did not pay enough attention to it. When you emphasize that the service you are offering is free you attract the attention of your visitor. This marketing trick brings more people to your page.
Facebook Messenger Bots – This is a great tool for marketers to promote a Facebook page. When you subscribe to a page, the page starts sending updates from the page. The chatbot enables the page to give immediate responses to people. The customer service should be responsive and make sure that everyone gets the answer to his/her question. This is another great opportunity to establish warm relationships with your clients.
Show your company culture on your page – This marketing tool became very popular. Companies post the pictures or videos of their workers. Watching smiling and excited faces of the staff makes you think that they are very about working there. Consequently, the visitor’s attitude towards the company becomes positive.
Create a Facebook group – Sometimes it is sensible not to start from promoting a Facebook page. If you do not have enough experience you can start from the creation of a group. Invite your friends and friends of your friends to become a member of the group. Post photos, videos, and articles that may interest your audience. If they are satisfied with the content that you provide them they may recommend your page to their friends too. So your page gradually becomes recognized and popular. When you feel enough confident to manage a large audience you can think of promoting a Facebook page as well.
Allow people to review your page – Reviews allow visitors to evaluate your business and understand what others think about the company. When someone opens your page and reads positive feedbacks and comments about the company, he/she feels positively towards the brand/services the company offers. This is the simplest way to understand whether your company is successful or not. Also, do not forget to answer to all reviews. The individual approach to everyone shows that you care about each visitor.
Examples of successful business pages of famous companies on Facebook
GardenQuest – It’s a gardening game. The interactive game engages those who are interested in the gardening. Why people like it?
  • Fun
  • Cool interface
  • Learning and Relearning
  • Mastering of gardening skills
  • Earning rewards
Starbucks – The delicious coffee company Starbucks is one of the famous brands on social network. What is the key to their success?
· Catchy interface
· Responsiveness
· Quotes about coffee
· Stylish holiday cups
· Beautiful and not ordinary photos that attract people
Here is the link to the most coffeish website you have ever seen: https://web.facebook.com/pg/Starbucks/posts/?ref=page_interna
Coca-Cola – One of the famous soft drink company in the world has a very cool business page on Facebook.
  • Cool interface
  • Contests
  • Beautiful photos and videos
  • Responsiveness
Click to the link https://web.facebook.com/TheCocaColaCo?_rdc=1&_rdr and taste the feeling!!
Dying to find out more information about promotions on social network? Then our next article is waiting for you. Thank you for reading and good luck! 😎
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